• Testimony about West Mifflin superintendent continues at meeting


    Testimony against West Mifflin Area School District Superintendent Daniel Castagna continued Wednesday night.

    Castagna is on unpaid administrative leave after a number of accusations regarding his ethical decisions as superintendent.

    At Wednesday's meeting, a former board member testified that he voted against renewing Castagna’s contract. The board member said Castagna later berated him and his family in his office.

    Castagna didn’t response to Channel 11’s questions as he went into another school board hearing. But after hearing a number of allegations against her client, his attorney did.


    “The testimony that has occurred over the first four days of this hearing have shown that there is no basis for any of the charges,” said Colleen Johnston.

    In a previous hearing, testimony was given about a security guard being hired and later fired after it was discovered that he was previously charged with murder. 

    Johnston says all the allegations have another side, and she plans to prove that by having Castagna testify.

    “Dr. Castagna will testify with regard to those charges and we are very confident that there won’t be any merit to those charges,” she said.

    “His reputation has been smeared. He has lost one job opportunity because of this proceeding.”


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