Thinking about summer? Here's the weather you can expect for 2019

Thinking about summer? Here’s the weather you can expect for 2019

PITTSBURGH — The official start of summer is just a few weeks away, so how will it compare to the hot and wet summer Pittsburgh experienced last year? Severe Weather Team 11 Meteorologist Scott Harbaugh has broken it down for you.

A weak El Niño pattern -- which is warmer than normal water off the coast of South America -- will mean near normal temperatures and slightly above normal rainfall.

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Summer 2018 brought 14 days of temperatures that hit at least 90 degrees. The average in a year is 10, and the record set in 1988 is 38.

Average temperatures for summer 2019 will be 79 degrees in June, 83 degrees in July and 81 degrees in August. That would mean slightly below normal temperatures for June, normal temperatures for July and temperatures slightly above normal for August.


When it comes to rainfall, summer 2019’s precipitation will be nearly one inch above normal, with about 12.50 inches of rain. Compare that to last year’s 14.59 inches of rain and the average of 11.61 inches.

So, overall, here’s what Pittsburghers can expect from 2019: near normal temperatures, less than 10 days with temperatures of 90 degrees or higher, and slightly higher rainfall -- but nothing like the drenching summer of 2018.