'This Is Us' fans direct anguish at appliance brand after Tuesday's episode

After this week’s episode of “This Is Us,” which finally revealed the details leading to the death of a beloved character on the show, fans were steamed.

Not at the show’s writers or actors, however. No, their heated anger was aimed at a brand-name kitchen appliance you can find in quite a few homes across the U.S. and the company that makes it.


The episode showed patriarch Jack Pearson – who fans already knew had died in a house fire – turning off his Crock-Pot before going to bed on the night of Super Bowl Sunday in 1998. However, the old Crock-Pot with a faulty switch, a gift from a neighbor, ended up sparking and starting a blaze that quickly consumed the house.

Passionate fans of the show quickly took to social media to scold Crock-Pot.

Show creator Dan Fogelman leaped to the appliance’s defense when the social media wave began to grow.

And Crock-Pot felt compelled to create an entirely new Twitter account just to assuage fans’ fears, even though their brand was never named in the episode.