• This Pittsburgh neighborhood doesn't want speed bumps installed


    PITTSBURGH - Speed humps are set to be installed in Pittsburgh's Polish Hill neighborhood to slow drivers down, but not everyone is happy about the move.

    The safety feature is being laid down on Melwood Avenue.

    Channel 11 has been telling you about traffic calming throughout the city of Pittsburgh. We were there in the spring when they put in speed humps on Saline Street in Squirrel Hill, a welcome addition for residents.

    Polish Hill was one of the neighborhoods on a list the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure gave us earlier this year, and a resident told Channel11 she just spotted a sign on her street recently.


    "I've called people, I've emailed people, I've tagged them on Facebook, I've done everything I can to get people to know about this," said Laura Klacic. "I was kind of surprised, because we weren’t informed, we weren’t given a petition for these things."

    Her kids are the fifth generation to live on Melwood Avenue. She’s not a fan of the idea of speed bumps on her street.

    "There could be other ways to fix this that wouldn’t cause damage to our vehicles. Or close us off completely to the rest of Pittsburgh," she said.

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    There are speed humps already down the street where Melwood Ave turns into Gold Way.

    A check of the Polish Hill Civic Association's website shows plans for traffic calming in the neighborhood and for the street. It doesn't, however, mention any speed humps.

    Channel 11 reached out to several people in the city, as well as the Polish Hill neighborhood, for more information.


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