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Thousands gather at vigil to honor Mac Miller

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller will be remembered Tuesday night after he died of a drug overdose last Friday.

The 26-year-old Point Breeze native was a popular artist in the hip-hop community who often supported his hometown through his music.

A former student at Taylor-Alderdice High School, Miller was a proud Pittsburgher who never forgot where he came from, often talking about home in his songs and naming his debut album "Blue Slide Park."

City of Pittsburgh leaders are expecting thousands of people to attend the vigil at Blue Slide Park.


The vigil was organized by Nightfall Records shortly after Miller died.

Officials with the record company said they just wanted to provide a safe space for people to come out an honor an icon in the music industry.

A memorial is building with candles, flowers and messages written to Miller.

Throughout the night, Miller's mixtapes and albums will be played while fans have a chance to speak about how the rapper touched their lives.

Artists have also been invited to do live tribute artwork.

"As soon as I heard the news I knew that I had to do something to give back and promote some positivity," Homestead artist Zachary Rutter.

While fans pay their respects  Rutter hopes conversation is sparked out of this tragedy.

"I think there's a bigger conversation to be had about substance abuse and addition.. there's good that could come from this negative situation for sure," Rutter said.