• Tick bite leads to man's meat allergy

    By: WKRN


    A man in Nashville, Tennessee is now allergic to red meat because of a tick bite.

    Chris Aycock was bitten by a lone star tick about six months ago.

    He said the only thing that happened then was a mark on his skin, which stayed there for about two weeks.

    Aycock went about his life and everything was fine, until he developed a case of anaphylactic shock in December after a particularly meat-heavy breakfast.


    It sent him to the emergency room.

    Afterward, an allergist diagnosed him with alpha-gal syndrome, which makes him allergic to any red meat.

    Technically, alpha-gal syndrome causes a person to be allergic to a carbohydrate that's found in meat that comes from any animal with hooves.

    The good news is that, for most people, the syndrome goes away with time.


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