Travelers at Pittsburgh International feeling pinch as American Airlines cancels flights

PITTSBURGH — Right at the peak of the summer travel season, American Airlines says it’s being forced to cancel nearly 100 flights nationwide each day. And travelers at Pittsburgh International Airport are feeling the pinch.

“I don’t expect anything to be 100% smooth, but I never expected to get bumped from a flight,” said Jeannie Mabery.

Mabery is from Colorado and was visiting family in the area. Her flight was delayed, causing her to miss her connection in Dallas.

The airline is citing staff shortages, not enough pilots, maintenance issues, bad weather across the country and increased demand as what’s behind this perfect storm of a problem. According to Flight Aware, on Tuesday alone, the company canceled 130 flights nationwide. Two hundred others were delayed.

Four hundred flights were canceled over the weekend.

If you haven’t booked your trip yet, expect to feel it in your wallet, as ticket prices are expected to continue to rise.