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Alleged shooter won't get to see sensitive info from Tree of Life attack

PITTSBURGH — The suspected Tree of Life shooter will not get to see some of the most sensitive information and photographs, a judge ruled this week.

Robert Bowers is accused of opening fire inside the Squirrel Hill synagogue on Oct. 27, 2018, and killing 11 people inside.

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The judge's ruling will prevent him from seeing autopsy photos, 911 calls from the victims, and other information.

His defense team, however, will have access to the information on two separate hard drives - one in Pittsburgh and another in San Diego where the lawyers are based.

The judge's ruling allows for Bowers to review the information with his team ahead of the trial if it is going to be used as evidence.

A trial date has still not been set, but also this week the judge extended the window for pretrial motions until April 2020.