Trial begins for former restaurant owner accused of sexual assault

Trial begins for former restaurant owner accused of sexual assault

PITTSBURGH — A trial is underway for local restaurateur Adnan Pehlivan, who is accused of sexual assault.

In court on Wednesday, prosecutors called Pehlivan a “restaurateur by day” and a “sexual predator” at night.  The defense denied Pehlivan attacked the alleged victim and said this was a "hookup" that Pehlivan and the 23-year-old woman agreed to.

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Police said Pehlivan followed a young woman home from a bar on the South Side in May, broke into her apartment and sexually assaulted her.

Last week, a judge ruled a video found on Pehivan's phone that shows a man sneaking into a woman's bedroom and performing a sex act on her while she was asleep cannot be used at trial. The video portrays a similar situation in which Pehlivan is accused.

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There is another video that is part of the prosecutor’s case: A surveillance video from the night of the alleged attack that shows Pehlivan following the alleged victim and her friends as they go home.


The courtoom was packed with family members and friends of the alleged victim sitting on one side and family members of the defendant sitting on the other. Opening statements were heard from both sides and witness testimony began.

New pictures were entered into evidence and shown to the jury.

They show the window to the bedroom where the alleged assault occurred and they show the shirt buttons that police found at the scene that prosecutors say belonged to the defendant, Adnan Pehlivan.

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The alleged victim, a now 25-year-old woman, got on the stand late Wednesday afternoon and testified for more than two hours. She told the jury she did not know and had never met Adnan Pehlivan before the night at Kopy’s Bar on the South Side.

A video was played in court that showed the inside of the bar and showed the woman and her friends talking and laughing and not interacting with Pehlivan at all, even though he sat right next to them.

On the video, you can see that Pehlivan buys the women several shots and they do drink them, but then go back to their own conversation and exclude him.


The woman says that she never gave him her phone number or her home address or talked with him about anything regarding sex at all.

Thursday morning, the rest of the video will be shown and the alleged victim's testimony will continue.

The trial is expected to last several days. The jury consists of four women and eight men.