• Man speared by tripod that crashed through his windshield


    SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A California man is recovering after he was speared by a tripod that crashed through his windshield.

    A yellow, steel tripod was thrown into traffic on Interstate 5 in Sacramento on Thursday as a van passed under an overpass. A man in the passenger seat suffered a partially punctured lung and broken ribs, but he is expected to be OK

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    Driver Tim Page described the frightening encounter.

    "When I looked up, I saw a yellow something out of the corner of my eye. When it hit the windshield, then I ducked and kind of bent over, a little late of course. And when I straightened up and looked over, that's when I saw this through the windshield,” he said.

    The California Highway Patrol said they arrested a man but they have not yet charged him with the tripod throwing incident because they’re still pursuing an attempted murder charge.



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