TSA bringing top leaders to Pittsburgh to address gun problem at airport

FINDLAY TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Day after day, Transportation Security Administration officers have found guns - mostly loaded - inside the security checkpoint at Pittsburgh International Airport.

Officers have stopped them in time, but they’re fed up and doing something about it.

In the last six days, five guns were confiscated. A TSA spokesperson says it’s frustrating and the nearly 30 guns caught so far this year delays other travelers.

“The vast majority of guns people bring to the airport are loaded and we look at that as an accident waiting to happen,” spokesperson Lisa Farbstein said.

The TSA will bring top leaders to Pittsburgh International Airport next week to crack down on weapons.

You can pack a gun if it’s checked and stored properly.

If you accidentally bring a gun to a security checkpoint:

“TSA reserves the right to issue you financial penalties and that can run into the thousands when you bring a gun to the checkpoint,” Farbstein said.