TSA rolling out new guidelines for travelers at Pittsburgh International Airport

TSA rolling out new guidelines for travelers at Pittsburgh International Airport

MOON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Expect big changes the next time you take a flight out of Pittsburgh International Airport. The Transportation Security Administration is rolling out a number of guidelines to keep you safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the outbreak started, the airport has been a ghost town. However, TSA officials are preparing for increased travel in the weeks ahead as summer ramps up and COVID-19 restrictions are loosened in each state. But they’re not taking any chances.

The TSA released several measures to reduce potential cross contamination at security checkpoints.

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Some have started and more will be implemented in the weeks ahead.

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Travelers should hold on to their boarding passes and scan the pass themselves to avoid additional contact with TSA agents.

You should put carry-on food in clear plastic bags and into the bin to prevent food from triggering alarms.

The TSA will now allow travelers to carry on one hand sanitizer of up to 12 ounces per passenger.

Social distancing will continue, and mask wearing is encouraged.

The TSA recommends arriving early — because the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted staffing and operations, there could be delays despite a smaller number of travelers.

“It’s a good idea. People should be allowed to take hand sanitizer and make sure they’re safe. It’s a good thing. Safety first. It’s always good,” traveler Brandon Beltram said.

“Whatever it takes to keep people safe. I know those guys are doing the best they can. At end of the day everyone wants to get where they are going safely,” traveler Spencer Harrick said.

The TSA COVID-19 guidelines take effect mid-June.

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