Twinkies Cereal coming to store shelves soon

LAKEVILLE, Minn. — Twinkies for breakfast?  A cereal featuring the iconic snack cake is coming to store shelves near you.

Post Hostess Twinkies Cereal features little miniature replicas that look and taste just like the yellow-colored snack cake.

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Confirming all the rumors. It’s true. Post Hostess™ Twinkies™ Cereal is coming to a store near you.

Posted by Post Cereals on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Twinkies have been around for nearly 90 years.  You might remember in 2012, customers were outraged when Twinkies ceased production.  They made a much-celebrated comeback a year later.

You’ll find Twinkies Cereal on store shelves in late December.