Two alligators removed from Pittsburgh home

PITTSBURGH — Two abandoned alligators have been removed from a home in Pittsburgh.

Animal control officers were called Wednesday afternoon to the home on Baldwin Drive in the city’s Hays neighborhood.

Police said the people living in the home were evicted and left the alligators behind.

The landlord found them and called for help.

The alligators were taken to Humane Animal Rescue in Homewood.

“We’re an open-door shelter,” said Dan Rossi, executive director of the shelter. “They are in need, so we will house them. We will evaluate them.”


The city of Pittsburgh has a strict law about possessing certain exotic animals.

Owners are required to have a permit.

“It is legal to own them in a state of Pennsylvania, so we may adopt them out. We may transport them to another state and release them if that’s another appropriate decision,” Rossi said.

Rossi said there is an opportunity for the owners to claim the alligators and get them back, depending on the circumstances.

The last time Humane Animal Rescue took in alligators was three years ago.