Pitt epidemiologist: Get COVID-19 booster shot as soon as you’re eligible

PITTSBURGH — With the options for COVID-19 booster shots expanding, it’s estimated tens of millions of people will be eligible to roll up their sleeves once again.

“So that’s great news,” said University of Pittsburgh Epidemiologist Dr. Lee Harrison “I do think the infections and the number of breakthroughs that we’re seeing with the delta variant argue in favor of if you are eligible to go ahead and get your booster.”

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With FDA approval, those who received the Moderna shots originally can get their booster as early as six months after their second dose. For those who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, it’s only two months.

Dr. Harrison advises people to talk with their doctor about which is the best option for them. Whatever you get, it’s likely not going to be your last.

“We don’t know how frequently boosters are going to be required but I think with COVID-19 probably boosters at certain intervals are going to be required for the foreseeable future,” Harrison said. “What I’m hoping is with boosters we’re going to see fewer vaccine breakthrough cases. We’re going to continue to see among the vaccinated that they are well protected against serious illness like hospitalization and death and we’re going to continue to see a lot of hospitalization and death among those who are completely unvaccinated.”