US Steel announces $1 billion investment in Mon Valley Works

US Steel announces $1 billion investment in Mon Valley Works

BRADDOCK, Pa. — The United States Steel Corporation announced Thursday a $1 billion investment into the Mon Valley Works.

US Steel officials said it’s going to help revitalize the area, but for people in nearby communities like Braddock, they are more anxious see how the benefits will trickle down.

Rolled out a press conference Thursday morning, US Steel said they are going to build a new endless casting and rolling facility at the Edgar Thomson Plant, and add a cogeneration facility to the Clairton Plant. US Steel said this is cutting edge technology, combining casting and rolling into one straight process.

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Additionally, US Steel said this will be environmentally friendly, energy efficient and will reduce their carbon footprint.

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There were mixed emotions from many after Thursday’s announcement. Third generation US Steel employee Bob Williams, Jr. told Channel 11 the plant had been putting food on his table his entire life. He said this announcement means protecting the future for his family.

Others in nearby Braddock were not so sure. People there Thursday told Channel 11 news they do see some business from people who work at the plant. Others, however, said they are not happy with the air issues the plant created.

The American Iron and Steel Institute said Pennsylvania’s steel industry employs more than 34,000 people, and applauded the move by US Steel. The institute said the new technology will help ensure long lasting jobs for many.