• USB cord hung on tree outside of house in shape of noose, FBI investigating


    PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh police are calling in the Federal Bureau of Investigation after finding a cord resembling a noose outside a home in Regent Square.

    Zone 4 posted on its Facebook page about the incident on South Braddock Avenue.

    Channel 11 spoke with Jamelia Morgan, the woman who found the noose outside her home.

    She's a civil rights attorney who just moved there five months ago.

    She found the noose on a tree just after 5 p.m. Tuesday.


    It was a black USB cord wrapped like a noose. Channel 11 obtained the images of the noose, but our newsroom has chosen not to share them.

    Pittsburgh police tell us they are investigating, along with the FBI.

    Morgan tells Channel 11 she is using this as a point to talk about racism in Pittsburgh.

    "We've learned since this happened that these are not isolated incidents. This has happened before to other people, and we have the privilege of having this platform and we're going to use this as a launching point to talk about racism here in Pittsburgh," Morgan said.


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