• Target 11 finds out what's being done with vacant property in danger of collapse


    PITTSBURGH - "This is where, you know, the jungle happens." 

    Fred Jackson took Channel 11 to the house next door to his in Homewood. You can barely make out the structure through all the vegetation, trash and debris.

    Jackson said he's worried the crumbling house will fall right onto his own.

    Five years ago, Jackson appeared on Channel 11 News when someone ripped out the plumbing, and leak flooded his home.

    Target 11 discovered numerous code violations against the owner, including unsecured doors and windows and weeds. We tracked down the owner in Penn Hills, who said he bought the home from the city 20 years ago. 

    Lawrence Haley planned to repair it and rent it out.


    "I wasn't trying to hurt anyone. I fixed the house, the house was almost... the inside at one time was just about there," said Haley. 

    Haley said the roof started leaking, and he didn't have the money to fix it. Then he had some health issues.

    Several years ago, the city cleaned it out and placed a lien on the property. Haley told Channel 11 they can have it. According to tax records for the property, the owner hasn't paid any taxes since 2004, and he owes about $11,000 in back taxes.

    Meanwhile, Jackson hopes it will be torn down before it falls down.


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