Erie teen hospitalized, in the ICU with vaping illness

Erie teen hospitalized, in the ICU with vaping illness

ERIE, Pa. — Anthony Mayo had hopes and dreams like many teenagers. But his vaping habit is leaving his future uncertain. Doctors say his left lung is 80% congested, and his right 50% congested.

"He might have scarred his lungs. He might not be able to join the military now. We don't know what is going to happen to him," Keith Mayo, Anthony Mayo's father, said.

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Anthony Mayo was taken to the hospital and was diagnosed with bronchitis. But they had to rush back days later because he was not getting better. He is now in the intensive care unit.

His blood oxygen level was 37%; a normal reading is between 95% and 100%.

"We do know that it may be some of the components of e-vaporized cigarettes, but we don't know specifically what ingredient is causing it. But it's a bit of a scary time right now that we're facing something that we just don't know enough about," said pulmonologist Anand Popuri.

It's not clear how long Mayo will have to remain in the ICU.