Vehicle slams into Etna home Friday night

Vehicle slams into Etna home Friday night

ETNA, Pa. — An Etna man was forced from his home into the freezing weather after a pickup truck crashed into his house Friday night.

The incident occurred on Grant Avenue, where the impact knocked out half of the front wall of the home.

Firefighters worked to stabilize the home and the front yard was covered with bricks and other debris from the crash.

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The homeowner told Channel 11 that he was upstairs when the crash happened.

“I was actually in bed right above it, only back a little ways, and what I heard sounded like snow sliding off the roof. It wasn’t until I heard them beating on my door with an alligator bar that I knew something was wrong. And when I came out and popped my head through the front door, all these firemen were standing outside the house,” he said.

The homeowner says he will contact his insurance company to see whether the damage is covered.

The driver of the truck told Channel 11 she thinks the vehicle slid on a patch of ice.

No one was hurt.

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