Victim of clergy sex abuse starting non-profit to help others

Victim of clergy sex abuse starting non-profit to help others

Since the grand jury's report on clergy sex abuse in Pennsylvania Diocese, dozens of victims have come forward to share their stories of survival.

Now, one of them is taking it a step further to help others.

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Jim VanSickle is in the process of creating a non-profit organization to help other survivors connect with services and speak of their experiences.

Since making his own story of abuse at the hands of a priest public last February, VanSickle said he's spoken with other survivors across the country either by phone or in-person.


"I can't come forward unless I do this 100 percent. Those were the actual words that I used. I didn't know what 100 percent meant at the time but I just started driving the miles and doing what was necessary," he said.

VanSickle said he has hopes his group will provide support that can only come from someone with the same experiences.

"I love my wife and I know she love me. But the depth of sharing with another survivor is much, much different than it is even with the closest people in your life," he said.