Surveillance video shows firework being shot out of car window toward local home

Surveillance video shows firework being shot out of car window toward local home

PITTSBURGH — Surveillance video has made its way around the South Side community where neighbors say fireworks go off almost every night.

In the video, you see the SUV pull up close to midnight and shoot a firework out the window, in the direction of a home.

“Once you see the video, and once i read the news reports from Mayor Peduto, it was very violent,” said South Side resident Jennifer Holliman.

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Holliman lives a few blocks over from where this happened.

“There were a couple of times where I screamed because it was so loud and caught me off guard. And then the fear,” Holliman said.

She suffers from epilepsy, and if she doesn’t get enough sleep at night, it could be dangerous.

“The fear is I live alone with my dog, so if I have an episode that’s not outside or at work. I just have to hope that I wake up in time,” Holliman said.

As for her dog, she’s terrified.

“She urinates in the house and she just shakes,” Holliman said. “I actually hid in the bathroom with her because it was the most quiet place.”

Channel 11 has been reporting on fireworks complaints for weeks.

On the Fourth of July, public safety said they responded to hundreds of fireworks calls, including fights, injuries and fires as a result.

Plus, UPMC Mercy Burn Unit treated a record number of burn patients on the fourth — more than 20 people, including children.

Holliman is now pleading with the public to stop.

“It’s not just fun and games. There are people that this really impacts. Those with disabilities and even first responders. There are better things that they could be doing than taking care of fireworks issues,” Holliman said.

Police said anyone violating fireworks laws could be fined or even charged.

Police, fire respond to hundreds of fireworks calls involving fires, fights, injuries