• Vivid fall colors just around the corner in Pittsburgh area


    Have you been seeing the leaves change color lately? It’s that time of year and in fact, this fall season may be great for spotting the beautiful colors around Pennsylvania.

    Temperatures and soil moisture play a role in how bright the colors are in the leaves. 

    Moisture in the soil in the summer can lead to a colorful leaf display, and Pittsburgh has definitely seen a lot of rain this summer. In fact, the city recorded almost 15 inches of rain, which is nearly 3 inches above average. 


    A stretch of warm, sunny days followed by cool, crisp nights favor a more vibrant display, and Pittsburgh is right on par. A shorter amount of daylight helps trigger the leaves to change color.

    The latest fall foliage report from the Pennsylvania DCNR Bureau of Forestry said we’re approaching best color in our part of the state, with peak being approximately one week away.

    The best color is showing up in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

    According to the department, Pennsylvania has a longer and more varied fall foliage season than anywhere else in the country because of our location, topography and different types of trees. 

    Time to take a drive!



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