• Mom says fight at Westinghouse HS one of several between two teens

    PITTSBURGH - An 18-year-old girl is recovering at Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital after her mother said she was jumped at school.
    Cellphone video from Westinghouse High School in Homewood shows a fight in which Anette Carpenter said her daughter was attacked by several students. 
    "When I woke up Saturday morning and I saw her face, it didn't look like her," Carpenter said.
    Carpenter said this has happened before, but the school did nothing about it.
    "If they don't know what's going on with my daughter and it's been going on for 18 months, then who else has a child getting jumped and they don't know about it?" she said.
    Another mother contacted Channel 11 Tuesday saying this isn’t the first altercation between her daughter and Carpenter’s. She showed Marlisa Goldsmith new video of a fight that allegedly happened in January. She said police were called to a third fight last October.
    Police confirmed that they did respond to an incident on Oct. 26.
    “What I hope more than anything is that the parents can come together and get some sort of resolution. Not just I’ve tried, but the school district has tried. We need to be honest about what’s happening and I don’t think we can get anywhere until that happens,” the second mother said.
    A spokesperson for Pittsburgh Public Schools told Channel 11 that the January fight happened off of school property and is, therefore, not a district issue. When asked about the fight at Westinghouse on Friday, the spokesperson said there were no innocent parties involved.
    In a statement to Channel 11, the district said, in part, "The District does not condone student violence. All District procedures have been followed, and students will receive disciplinary action in line with the District's Student Code of Conduct."
    Carpenter said that her daughter’s disciplinary action includes her suspension.  
    "I don't know what to do. They're making it seem like she's the problem when it's the same children doing it not just to her but to other children," she said.
    Pittsburgh Public Schools is investigating the fight, but a district spokesperson said it was mainly handled at Westinghouse. 



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    Mom says fight at Westinghouse HS one of several between two teens