WATCH: Robbery suspect tries to hide face after noticing camera in Ross Twp. complex

Ross Township burglary surveillance video

ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — An unknown man was caught on camera stealing from change machines in several local communities, and police are now asking for help identifying him.

Ross Township police shared a video from the night of July 23 that shows the man walk into what appears to be a workout room of an apartment complex in town with the hood of his jacket down.

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The man is seen holding a camera and walking around for about 15 seconds before he looks directly into a camera. At that point he puts his hood up, turns his back to the camera and starts hitting the change machine with a hammer.

Police said they believe this man was working with another man to steal from change machines in Ross, Scott Township, Wilkins Township and the City of Pittsburgh.

Photos from one of the Pittsburgh thefts show the second person and the white pickup truck they are believed to be using.

Anyone with information is asked to contact any of the police departments listed above.