What we know about the officer who shot, killed Antwon Rose

UPDATE June 27, 2018:

Criminal homicide charges have been filed against Michael Rosfeld, the officer who fatally shot 17-year-old Antwon Rose, Channel 11's Rick Earle has confirmed.

Pat Thomassey, the attorney for officer Michael Rosfeld, confirms to Channel 11's Mike Holden that his client is no longer in custody. He bonded out.



It was a tough day for family and friends for Antwon Rose on Monday because they had to say their final goodbyes.

Rose was shot and killed by an East Pittsburgh police officer as he ran away from a traffic stop.

East Pittsburgh police said that the vehicle Rose was in matched the description of one involved in a shooting moments before in North Braddock.

"This officer is going to have a lot to answer for," Lee Merritt, Rose's family attorney, said. "He really had no business being on the force."

Merritt's investigators have been busy looking into Officer Michael Rosfeld's background. He worked as a University of Pittsburgh Police officer until January.


Merritt had some strong allegation saying, "Mr. Rosfeld had a long history of brutality particularly directed at young African-American males."

As Channel 11 previously reported, Pitt turned their personnel records over to county police as they investigate Rosfeld's background and what happened with the officer and Rose leading up to the shooting.

While Rosfeld is on administrative leave, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto is speaking out about what he wants to see happen.

Protests continue over the death of Antwon Rose

"I think there's evidence based upon the need for this to be decided in a court of law with lawyers for both sides preventing their facts. I believe this community needs to have a legal argument why this happens and it needs to be through a public trial," Peduto said.

"The family wants this officer indicted and again that's the only thing they will settle for, the only thing that will give them peace," Merritt said.

Channel 11 reached out to officer Rosefeld's attorney, but we haven't heard back.