Where's Bigfoot? Pennsylvania ranks among best states for encounter

Pennsylvania among the best places to catch Bigfoot

If Bigfoot exists, there's apparently a good chance of the hairy creature turning up in Pennsylvania.

According to data from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, Pennsylvania is the third best state to catch a glimpse of Bigfoot.

With 1,340 reported sightings, the Keystone State trails only California and Washington as the most likely states where someone could have an encounter with Bigfoot.

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Travel Channel analyzed the 23,000 sightings across the country for its series, "In Search of Monsters," and determined the top eight states with the highest likelihood of having a Bigfoot encounter.

If you or someone you know is on the hunt for Bigfoot, check out one of these states:

  1. Washington (2,032 sightings)
  2. California (1,697 sightings)
  3. Pennsylvania (1,340 sightings)
  4. Michigan (1,131 sightings)
  5. New York (1,068 sightings)
  6. Ohio (1,042 sightings)
  7. Oregon (1,009 sightings)
  8. Texas (806 sightings)