Wife of Russian man shot in Oakland talks about senseless tragedy

Wife of slain Russian tourist talks about tragic loss

Anton Kemaev’s wife is still coming to grips with his senseless death.

It is a difficult time for Olga Kemaev as she tries to figure out how she and her three children will move forward without the sole provider of their family, her husband of 17 years.

But if there is any silver lining to this sad story, it's that even in death, Anton is still giving.

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“This is madness; this should have never happened to him,” she said, adding that she feels all alone now.


Olga spoke with Channel 11 this morning as friend Vladimir Shlyakhtim translated.

Her 35-year-old husband died Thursday after being shot in the head on Second Avenue near the Hot Metal Bridge on Dec. 19.

He clung to life just long enough for Olga arrive from Russia on an emergency visa.

The outpouring of support for the Kemaev family during this difficult time has been tremendous, with friends starting a fundraising campaign to initially pay for medical his expenses. Now that money will be used for funeral costs and to help support Olga and her children.

Yet, through her pain, Olga made a decision she says Anton would have wanted: she donated his organs, a gift that saved four lives.

"She is very proud of him because even right now he is helping people," Shlyakhtim translated for her. "He never stops; even when he dies, he's helping."

"I think it's amazing,” said family friend Nicole Miller. “He was so giving and so generous. He was very selfless and he continued even in death to provide for others."

A funeral will be held in the next couple of days and then Olga plans to return to Russia where she'll have to break the news of Anton's death to her children, who are unaware of what's happened.

Police are still investigating the shooting, but currently have no leads. Anton's wife and friends are appealing to the public once again, asking anyone who may have seen anything to come forward.