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A look inside the former Wilkinsburg train station renovations

WILKINSBURG, Pa. — A local historic landmark is getting a new life. Crews have been renovating the old Wilkinsburg train station for months.

For years, the decaying building stood as a symbol of the area's decline, but now, many hope the project can help spur further revitalization.

The station sits right on Penn Avenue and was a centerpiece of Wilkinsburg in the early 1900s. It closed in 1965 and sat abandoned for decades.

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Channel 11 got a look inside at the changes on Tuesday. Gone were the graffiti, debris and gaping holes in the ceiling.

Crews said everything from the light fixtures to bringing back the original paint is in the works. Also included are plans to bring restaurants and shops, and to create a hub for bus and bicycle commuters.

Watch the video above to see the changes coming to the old train station.