Woman assaulted at local pizzeria files $5 million civil suit

PITTSBURGH, PA — The victim of an alleged assault at Pizza Milano documented by a viral video is filing a lawsuit against the restaurant and one of its employees.

On Monday, the lawsuit was formally filed on behalf of Jade Martin, who was allegedly assaulted by Mahmut Yilmaz while trying to enter the Uptown restaurant on Jan. 5 to use the restroom.

"It's very upsetting to Jade and understandably so, that the way that people know her is through this video that has now been viewed millions of times,” said attorney George Kontos.

According to the lawsuit, Yilmaz grabbed Martin’s arm and threw her against the front door. It goes on to say Martin struggled to free herself as “Yilmaz violently drove his forehead forward, into her forehead, ‘head-butted’ her and then threw her into a table …”


As a result, Martin’s lawyers say she has suffered a laundry list of injuries, some of which may be permanent.

"She's receiving treatment at the same place where our athletes, professional athletes, receive treatment when they have concussions,” Kontos said.

"When you think about the kind of hits that they took with helmets on, whether you're talking about hockey or football, and then you see the video and you see what Jade went through without any equipment on, and you can imagine the kind of effect it's had on her."

Yilmaz is also facing criminal charges for aggravated assault and simple assault.

“We’ve asked for $5 million because there’s five separate locations,” said George Kontos. “There’s five restaurants here.”

Yilmaz is scheduled to be back in court next month.