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Woman being evicted after video shows her slamming door in boy's face

WASHINGTON, Pa. — A woman is facing eviction after she was caught on video slamming a door in a little boy's face and calling him a racial slur.

The 9-year-old almost got his fingers slammed in a heavy glass door when he was actually trying to help an elderly woman.

"I was here helping open the door for Susie,” 9-year-old Brian Thomas-Riley said. “But Susie slammed the door and almost hit my face."


Brian’s father, the Rev. GL Riley, posted the video on his Facebook page and said it’s an important teaching tool.

He talked to Channel 11’s Marlisa Goldsmith about what happened.

"He pushed the door a third of the way open and you heard, ‘get away you little [slur] boy,’” he said.

It didn't stop there, Riley said. The woman you see in the video then called him the racial slur too

“This was just cold and blatant,” he said.

Police were called to the apartment complex for Riley to file a formal complaint.

On Tuesday, Channel 11 spoke with the building manager, who said the woman in the video has been served an eviction notice in direct connection to this incident. The woman reportedly has a history of verbal abuse, but when it turned physical, that was the last straw.

"It's injustice. Period. And people need to be accountable for their action,” Riley said.