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Woman charged in father's death deemed mentally incompetent to stand trial

PLUM BOROUGH, Pa. — A forensic psychiatrist determined Christina Nicassio is mentally incompetent to stand trial in the death of her father, says Patrick Thomassey, Nicassio's attorney.

According to Channel 11 News' exchange partner Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Nicassio, 27, will likely go to a state hospital for psychiatric treatment before she can appear in court. The decision will likely be made at a hearing Monday morning.


"They have a father who passed away and they have a sister charged with killing him," Thomassey told the Tribune-Review. "Right now, they're just trying to figure out what they're going to do as a family."

Nicassio is accused of killing her father, Anthony Nicassio, 69, a UPMC medical professional.

During an interview with investigators, Christina Nicassio said she "felt the world was ending," according to the criminal complaint.


Nicassio told police that she had suffered a bad break-up about a week ago. Her parents attempted to take her to Forbes Hospital to "get her help," the complaint read.

Nicassio then grabbed a knife, which prompted her mother to call 911, according to the criminal complaint.

"They were trying to take me to the hospital to find out what is wrong with me, I didn't want to go," she told police.

According to the complaint, Nicassio's father attempted to take the knife from her, so she stabbed him twice in the chest.

Nicassio told police she "got played by Hollywood," referring to a movie scenario in which someone stabs their father because they were unable to "love someone else," according to the complaint.

She told police the movie she was referring to was "The Mummy Returns."

Nicassio’s attorney said she injured herself after arriving at the jail by ramming her head into a cell wall, according to the Tribune-Review. The jail's mental health team then kept her isolated from other inmates.

Psychiatrist Christine Martone notified Thomassey that Nicassio is not fit to stand trial in her current mental state, according to the Tribune-Review.

A hearing on Nicassio's case is scheduled for 11 a.m. Monday.