Woman denied refund after dog bought at Petland died 11 days later

A puppy purchased by a woman at a Petland store died just 11 days later.

Megan Ritchae said she bought Luna at Petland in Robinson, and she died 11 days later of parvo, a contagious virus that mainly affects dogs.

Ritchae claims the owner and staff sent her a sympathy card, offering to refund the money she paid for the dog and the veterinarian bills.

They also gave Ritchae a certificate for a new dog – all in writing.


The owner said he mailed out a check in late July.

Ritchae said she was supposed to receive the check before the end of the month, but did not get it until Aug. 15 – nearly three weeks later.

When she went to cash the check, she said it did not work because Petland put a stop payment on it.

When Channel 11’s Catherine Varnum visited that Petland store, the owner was not there. However, he did call to say Ritchae did not follow the warranty policy the store had.

The owner did not give any specifics on how she failed to follow the policy.

“I don’t want someone else to have to go through this,” Ritchae said.

The store owner also told Channel 11 he cancelled the check after he claimed Ritchae’s boyfriend threatened him.

Ritchae said that did not happen.

A spokesperson from the Petland corporate offices told Channel 11 that the Robinson location is independently owned and operated, but the company is trying to make things right.

“We are reaching out to the customer directly to try to provide a satisfactory resolution,” the spokesperson said.

That spokesperson said Ritchae will get the refund she was originally promised.

Although, Ritchae said it’s not about the money.

“I'm probably going to have to file civil action to receive my refunds,” she said. “The money is only part of it, it doesn’t come close to healing my broken heart.”