Woman forced young girl to get birth control implant in her arm, police say

Woman accused of forcing girl to get birth control implants turns herself in

NEW BRIGHTON, Pa. — Police say a woman facing strange accusations has turned herself in.

According to investigators, she took a young girl, who isn't related to her, to get a birth control implant.

They drove from Beaver Falls to Turtle Creek, which takes about an hour.

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The child had to be taken to UPMC Children's Hospital to get the device removed.


According to police, Valerie Fullum is a friend of the young girl's mother, and took both the 12-year-old girl and another girl -- without their parents' permission and against their will.

"She was like, 'Valerie forced me to get birth control, mom, and told me I wasn’t allowed to tell you,'" said Misty Evans.

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Instead of taking them to school the next morning, she allegedly took them to Adagio Health in Turtle Creek.

According to Evans, the one girl was able to leave the facility, but her daughter wasn't. A criminal complaint reads:

"....despite her [the child] saying she did not want to go, [Fullum] checked her in as a patient, and as a result, forced her into receiving a birth control implant to her arm."

The girls both told police neither of them are sexually active.

"From what the girls told me, she technically told them you’re 12 years old and you need to be on birth control," Evans said.

Evans just recently found out, after her daughter had been in pain for weeks.

Channel 11 contacted Adagio Health to find out why the girl was allowed to get an implant without a parent present, but we have not yet received a response.