Woman held captive for 4 days while she was abused

Woman held captive for 4 days while she was abused

AMBRIDGE, Pa. — A woman was held captive in Beaver County for four days, according to police.

Officers told Channel 11 she was mentally, physically and sexually abused by two other women in Ambridge.

Police told Channel 11 the victim's injuries are extensive with a dislocated jaw and black eyes.

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According to police, Dana Dais and Shaneen Zalewski confined a woman to an upstairs apartment along Merchant Street, held her against her will with no idea where she was.


In the criminal complaint, police singled out Dais as the main perpetrator.

Officers say the two knew each other, but wouldn’t go into details on the motive.

According to police paperwork, the suspect stomped on her head, choked her, put a knife to her throat and sexually assaulted her.

Police say the second suspect watched and made sure the victim didn’t get out.

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The victim eventually got to her cellphone, according to police, and sent a text to her brother, “you have to help me, I don’t know the address but she's gonna kill me."

Her brother immediately called police and they started searching for her.

Officers found her bloodied and bruised outside of the apartment with Dais. When they separated the two, police say the victim told them everything.

Both suspects are in jail.