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Woman recorded while in changing room at Robinson Macy's

ROBINSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Consider this a warning for people using the changing rooms at the Mall at Robinson.

A woman told

that while trying on bathing suits at the Macy’s, she noticed a cellphone under the door. She grabbed it, but a man’s hand grabbed it back.

By the time she was able to exit the dressing room, the man was gone.

“I got ahold of it and a man's hand came down and grabbed it. I couldn’t scream. I was in so much shock. I was crying, I didn't have my top on (and) I’m not running out completely naked,” Heather Lapinski said.


She described the man as balding in the front and medium build.

“I want someone to say ‘I know him.’ He can't keep going back and keep doing this to women. I’m going to be traumatized for the rest of my life,” she said.

Police believe the man is also responsible for similar incidents in Forever 21.

After the initial story aired, detectives said they received more than a dozen phone calls from people who know who he is.

"We're hoping that any victims who are out there, who believes they are a victim, that they come forward and let us know that they are victims and we will of course keep them confidential," said Detective Dan Dugan of the Robinson Township Police Department.

Police released surveillance video Wednesday of the suspect as he left the Macy's dressing room.