Woman saved from crash wishes to thank rescuers

An Ambridge woman is searching for the Good Samaritans who she believes helped save her life during a crash in May, to thank them.

Doctors told Johanna Davis, 34, it was a miracle she was alive after the car she was in crashed on the Parkway West in May. She and her husband were both passengers in the car after arriving home from vacation. She was thrown from the vehicle and the car landed on top of her body — crushing her pelvis and breaking her ankles, legs, ribs and injuring her spine.

“I thought in that minute that it was over for me, I came to terms with the fact that I was going to die,” Davis said. “I was trapped, I had my face down in the concrete.”

She said a group of men stopped and helped her husband lift the car off her, two off-duty trauma nurses stopped and helped control the bleeding and another woman stopped and prayed over her continuously until the paramedics arrived.

“We ended up on the other side of 376. The group of men helped him lift the vehicle off me and they pulled me out,” she said. “The one woman was an off-duty EMT and the other two were trauma nurses and they kept reassuring me help was on the way,” Davis said.

And through it all, one woman standing over her continuously prayed.

“She was asking God to protect my body and telling me it wasn’t my time and help was on the way, and she didn’t stop praying from the time she arrived on the scene until the ambulance door shut,” Davis said.

Davis is now recovering at home in Monessen. After eight surgeries, Davis took her first steps since the accident, just two weeks ago. She is grateful to the medical team that saved her, but also to those who helped her at the scene.

“I wanted to thank you for everything you did to help save my life, without you guys I wouldn’t be sitting here today so thank you,” she said.