Woman threw dog out of car window, humane officers say

Woman threw dog out of car window, humane officers say

SPRINGDALE, Pa. — Humane officers are looking for a woman who threw a dog out of her car on Monday.

URGENT!!!! ANYONE with information about the BLONDE WOMAN who threw this sweet dog out of a newer model 4-door GOLD...

Posted by Paws Across Pittsburgh on Monday, June 11, 2018

Jackie Armour, who runs Paws Across Pittsburgh, found the white dog running on Orchard Street in Springdale.

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"So I kind of followed him around and getting out sporadically trying offer him treats. So for about an hour we did that," Armour said.

She told Channel 11 once she was able to retrieve the dog and bring him back to her place, that's when she heard how Murphy ended up on his own.


She said that on Sunday afternoon, a woman was spotted opening her car door and tossing the dog out before taking off.

"Just furious. I mean, the poor little guy ran all night the night we had bad storms. When we caught him, he was covered in burrs," Armour said.

Besides looking a little rough after a night wandering around, Murphy is doing OK. But Armour now needs help in finding who dumped him.

"She was bleached blonde, in a four-door tan-colored car," Armour said.

Humane officer Mindy James  said the person responsible for tossing and neglecting Murphy could also face hundreds of dollars in fines.

“I believe now those charges are misdemeanor, so she could be facing fines, definitely," James said.

If you have any information, contact Humane Officer Mindy James at 724-762-9060 or mindy@pawsacrosspittsburgh.com.

Your identity will remain anonymous.