Woman travels across state lines to take advantage of COVID-19 vaccine doses in Ohio

Woman travels across state lines in desperate attempt to get COVID-19 vaccine

PITTSBURGH — Patricia Mays had no idea if her plan to get the COVID-19 vaccine in another state would work.

“When I was trying to get into New Kensington at the pharmacy, there were 17,000 people in queue,” Mays told Channel 11 last month.

Weeks later, she said she saw an opportunity while visiting her daughter in Columbus, Ohio.

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“I was using the Giant Eagle app in Columbus to order my groceries and on the app there was a little note that came up and said if I wanted to sign up for PA and Ohio to get the vaccine and I clicked on it,” Mays said. “I was fearful also that I wasn’t going to be able to get it going through all of this and staying a few extra days to get the vaccine and then I would be turned away.”

But Mays was able to get a spot in Westerville, Ohio last week.

“I had no problems. No one asked me if I was a PA resident or Ohio resident,” she said.

The Ohio Department of Health said patients do not need to show proof of citizenship or residency status. A patient’s ID will still be accepted if it is expired or from another state.

“I obviously met the requirements. I was 65 and older. I had health issues because I do have breast cancer and Giant Eagle said OK,” Mays said.

She’ll head back next month for her second shot.

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