Woodland Hills School Board president resigns

The head of the Woodland Hills school board has resigned amid several controversies.

During the last school year, a resource officer violently arrested two students at the high school.

Principal Kevin Murray was caught on audio threatening a 14-year-old student.

And a staffer at Rankin Promise School was charged for lifting a student off the ground by his neck.


School board president Tara Reis did not mention any of that in a statement to administrators about her resignation.

But she told Channel 11 those incidents weren't factors in her decision to step down.

Her resignation letter was sent to the superintendent and the board.

Reis said it was time for her to leave.

Reaction from the district has been mixed.


We received a statement from Woodland Hills School Board member Mike Belmonte, saying, in part, "We are going to miss her passion and dedication. We thank Tara for her service and unwavering focus on our students and the district."

On the other side, the volunteer leader with Concerned Citizens of Woodland Hills said it was a great day for students and the community. “She was one of the main ones that in my opinion, was holding up progress getting Murray out of the school. She was his ally. It's a great day,” Lou Berry said. “My first reaction was surprised. I didn't think Reis had any intention of leaving. Thought I’d have to vote her out.”

Reis encouraged board members to approve contracts in the district.

As for filling her position, there will be an appointment process.