• Police: Barefoot man walks into local gym and makes threats before pulling out knife


    PITTSBURGH - A former employee of a Shadyside gym pulled out a knife inside when he demanded money, according to the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.

    X Shadyside on Walnut Street was still open when it happened on Wednesday around 9:30 p.m.

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    According to a police report, Daniel Abebe, an ex-employee, came in barefoot and smoking a cigarette - claiming the owner owed him money.

    When the woman at the desk told him the owner wasn't there, Abebe put out his cigarette and threatened to blow up the place. When the woman asked him to leave, he allegedly pulled a knife out and nearly stabbed her.


    Other people in the gym saw what was happening and tried to stop him, according to police.

    X Shadyside co-owner Dana Byrnes told Channel 11, "For members, safety is a top priority. It is a very safe environment and we haven't had anything happen in 26 years."


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