You’re now able to get facials, chin, lip waxing under new state regulations

You’re now able to get facials, chin, lip waxing under new state regulations

BEAVER COUNTY, Pa. — For the first time in about eight months, you’re able to get a facial and lip and chin waxing at salons and spas under new state regulations. Owners, however, said how they found out about the change was unfair.

The state Board of Cosmetology posted online last week about the changes, and Abby Pugh hopes her business can benefit.

“It’s refreshing to finally be able to do all these services again,” she said.

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The new rules say that businesses must require a temperature check before the procedure and they must refuse to do it if the client’s temperature is above 100.4 degrees. Employees are required to wear a face shield or a face covering and goggles. The client may also request the employee wear gloves during the service.

“As bizarre as this might sound, getting ahold of the board is very tough,” Pugh said.

Pugh said she found out about the changes from social media, despite checking the state’s website daily.

“You have to read everything on the website over and over again. There’s no specific change area where they tell you its going to change. So you’re basically looking for a needle in a haystack,” Gabrielle Westrom-Lieb said.

She’s with Elle’s Beauty Salon and agrees with Pugh there needs to be more transparency.

The Board of Cosmetology sent Channel 11 a statement:

“While the Department of State is not notifying individual licensees about this issue at this time, it has shared many times – including at public board meetings and with stakeholder groups – that the board websites should be checked often because they are the best sources of reliable information for any new or updated guidance that has been issued. The Department has found that board websites are the best way to communicate consistently and accurately with licensees, and this has been especially true during this unprecedented global pandemic when situations or guidance may need to change quickly.”

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