New evidence discovered against man accused of taking nude photos at care home

New evidence discovered against man accused of taking nude photos at care home

DAUGHERTY TOWNSHIP, Pa. — McGuire Memorial Home says new evidence shows there 10 additional victims in the case against a man accused of taking inappropriate pictures of patients.

Zachery Dinell allegedly took nude pictures and videos of adults and children with severe disabilities at the care center.

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"Recently the DA advised us they found additional photographs and videos on a cellphone," McGuire Memorial Home spokesperson Tom King said. "We're literally devastated by this news."

His trial was supposed to start next week, but in light of the new evidence it may be postponed.

There new evidence includes 158 additional photos and videos as well as 10 more victims, bringing the total number of victims to 17.

The DA's office says Dinell went as far as to share the images with others through text and social media.

He was fired last year after a woman he used to work with accused him of rape. That case went to trial and he was acquitted of rape and sexual assault charges in March. However, he was found guilty of taking nude pictures of the woman and sending them to others.

Police discovered the images of patients during that investigation.

"We have done everything possible to make sure this never happens again," King said. "We've given the DA access to any records, anything we have at our location. All of the proper procedures were followed in the hiring of this individual."