2018 midterm elections: When to vote, how to register, what to bring in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania voters will be heading to the polls Tuesday for the midterm primary election.

In addition to voting on state, county and municipal seats, Pennsylvania voters will be deciding who will be on the November ballot for the 18 U.S. House seats and one of the state’s two U.S. Senate seats.

Here is a guide for Pennsylvania voters.

When are elections being held in Pennsylvania this year? 

The primary will be held May 15. The general election is set for Nov. 6.

What time do the polls open and close? 

The polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

How do I find my polling place? 

Click here to find your polling place, fill out the information and press "search."

What do I need to bring to the polling place? 

First-time voters must show identification to vote. You can show a photo ID, but it does not have to be a photo ID. Those who have voted before do not have to show identification. Click here for a list of acceptable forms of ID.

Who can register to vote in Pennsylvania? 

You must be a U.S. citizen, a citizen of Pennsylvania and at least 18 on election day to vote in Pennsylvania.

How do I register? 

The deadline to register for the May 15 election has passed. To vote in the Nov. 6 general election you can register online here. Or you can click here to download a blank voter registration form and mail it or deliver it to your county voter registration office.

I think I’m registered, is there any way to check? 

You can check on your registration status by clicking here.

Can I vote by absentee ballot?

Yes. You still have time to request an absentee ballot for the Pennsylvania primary. Tuesday is the deadline to request an absentee ballot (one week prior to the primary election). Ballots must be returned by 5 p.m. on the Friday before the election – May 11.

Can I see a sample ballot? 

Click here to find your county's sample ballot.

Can I post a selfie showing my friends how I voted? 

It’s not clear if photographing a completed ballot is legal. Pennsylvania law says voters are prohibited from showing others how they are “about to vote.”

What if I have trouble casting my ballot at the polling place?

If you are having trouble voting or are told you cannot vote, ask to speak to a supervisor. If your problem is not resolved, you can report the issue to the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. The phone number to call to report an issue with voting is (800) 253-3931.

For more information

Click here for more information, or call, 1-877-VOTESPA (1-877-868-3772).

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