9-foot-alligator interrupts Florida family's Thanksgiving

9-foot-alligator interrupts Florida family's Thanksgiving, bangs on door

FORT MYERS, Fla. — A nine-foot alligator repeatedly rapped its tail against a door at a Florida house, interrupting a family’s Thanksgiving.

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"I looked through the window and sure enough, there's a gigantic alligator and his tail was just smacking my door. It was intense, Chhaa Behary told WFOR. "I'm, like, why my house? Do you smell turkey?"

Behary’s fiancee called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Officers arrived within minutes. Capturing the reptile proved a tougher task. Trappers eventually snared the alligator

Behary’s neighborhood is surrounded by lakes.

"Just take caution with your animals, your children," Behary told WFOR. "Just don't walk outside in the dark at night because that's when they're out."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.