Black panther prowls rooftops in French town after escaping

Escaped black panther prowls rooftops in French town

ARMENTIERES, France — People in a town in France thought their eyes were deceiving them when they spotted a black panther prowling along the rooftops in Armentieres near Lille, but it really was a big cat.

The feline, about 6 months old and weighing 45 pounds, according to wildlife experts, had escaped from a home through an open window, French media reported.

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Authorities said it was being kept as a pet, according to the Independent.

Rescue workers were able to tranquilize the animal and get it into a cage after it re-entered its home.
It was transferred to an unknown destination, the BBC reported, citing the French publication La Voix du Nord.

Investigators are searching for the cat’s owners and believe they left it to go on a vacation. They want to know where the cat came from.

La Voix du Nord reported only zoos in France are allowed to have animals like panthers.