• California man badly injured after loose tire hits car

    By: Ann Smajstrla, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    LOS ANGELES - A California man was critically injured when a loose tire smashed into his car's windshield as he drove on a highway.

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    On the afternoon of July 23, 26-year-old Evan Folan was driving on I-10 in Los Angeles when a tire hit his car, according to the California Highway Patrol. Folan had to be extracted from his car.

    He suffered a brain bleed, fractured skull, two broken vertebrae, a loss of hearing and a boxer's fracture on his left hand, KTVU-TV reported.

    Folan was taken to a hospital where he spent more than a week in the intensive care unit. He is now in rehab, and suffers headaches and short-term memory loss.

    Doctors said Evan Folan may need six months of intensive outpatient rehabilitation, Evan's father, Steve Folan, told KABC-TV.

    "We monitor him 24/7 or he'll wander off," Steve Folan said.

    Evan Folan's parents said they're thankful their son is alive. However, they want to know where the tire came from and how the crash happened.

    "We were told had Evan been killed, they'd have an entire different level of investigation," Steve Folan said.

    A California Highway Patrol spokesperson told KABC-TV that police weren't able to find where the tire came from and have closed off the investigation.

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