Kanye West music banned from Sacramento radio station

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — One Sacramento, California, radio station is not interested in supporting Kanye West after he cut his show in the city short.

The Sacramento Bee reported that Justin Marshall, a music director at Hot 103.5 in Sacramento who goes by JayMarzz in air, said on the radio station Monday  that the station would not be playing his songs "for a very long time."

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On Saturday, West performed two songs -- repeating one and then walked out of his Sacramento, California, tour stop of his Saint Pablo tour.

West reportedly called out Beyonce and accused her of refusing to perform at an award show unless she won before ending the show.

"(Kanye West is) an artist and you have people paying to see (him)," Marshall told KXTV Monday. "Those are (his) fans. Those are the people that take their hard-earned money -- you know, some people don't have a lot of money -- and they took all the money they had and put it into you as an artist, and (Kanye) completely didn't care."

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On Monday, reports said West was hospitalized. The news came hours after the remainder of West's tour was canceled.

Marshall said that part of West's rant on stage Saturday involved calling out radio. The Sacramento Bee reported that West said, "Radio, (expletive) you!" multiple times on stage.

"Kanye got on stage and said '(expletive) radio' several times and, again, when you're a station that's done nothing but support somebody, and that person comes back on you and basically says, 'I don't care about you' … You know what? We don't need you, because guess what? We're going to drop all your songs and we're still going to be getting paid,'" Marshall said.

Marshall claimed that West's behavior was especially disrespectful because the station played singles from his latest album, "The Life of Pablo" more than other markets.