• Meet the world's most fashionable gator: Dresses, tiaras, manicures and more

    By: Ryan DiPentima , Palm Beach Post


    Meet the world’s most fashionable alligator. Yes, you read that correctly.

    According to Barcroft Media, Pennsylvania-based photographer Angela Lance, 44, is the proud owner of social media’s most ravishing reptile, LillyGator, or Lilly for short. Lance, who has owned Lilly since the animal was 2 1/2 days old, posts photos on her Instagram account of Lilly wearing outlandish outfits, from dresses to tiaras.



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    The 4 1/2 foot gator gets all dressed up and has her nails painted for a good cause, modeling for postcards, key chains and notebooks, with proceeds going toward alligator rescue facilities, according to Barcroft Media. 

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    Lance’s family has embraced her unique relationship with her pet, noting that her father refers to Lilly as his “grand gator.” She also tells Barcroft that her boyfriend, even if he may think it’s “a little bit nuts,” is understanding of her relationship with Lilly. Others aren’t as understanding.



    “I get some crazy reactions when I have her outside. Obviously, people are afraid if they hear her hissing,” Lance told Barcroft media, referring to leashed walks that she takes with Lilly. 

    Lilly is expected to double in growth during her lifetime, but since it is legal to own a pet gator in Pennsylvania, Lance has no intentions of giving her up.

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    “There are no predators here. She has a constant source of food and while others may disagree with me she gets a lot of the attention and affection and I really think she likes that,” Lance told Barcroft Media.



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    Read more at Barcroft Media.

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