Newborn sleeps in mother's arms as tornado rips roof off Missouri home

WATCH: Scenes from Missouri Tornadoes

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A tornado ripped through a Missouri town Wednesday, but a 4-day-old boy was not impressed.

In fact, the infant slept through the whole ordeal, KCTV reported.

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“He was sleeping,” Jordan Devine told the television station. “His mom is freaking out and he’s sleeping. All right.”

Devine gave birth to her son, a 7-pounder, on Monday night, but within 48 hours she was cradling him in her arms while sitting in a bathtub as the roof of her apartment came crashing down because of a tornado that hit Jefferson City, KCTV reported

A baby's slumber was not interrupted by a tornado in Missouri on Wednesday.

“Ten minutes prior, I was right here changing my baby's diaper,” Devine told the television station.

Devine now has no place to live. The tornado wiped out the apartment complex's staircase, and people were stuck on the roof for about an hour, Devine's roommate told KCTV.  The baby boy, however, continued to sleep blissfully.

“All of his newborn stuff is covered in insulation,” Devine’s roommate told the television station.